Holocaust Survivors Speak

Faye Lehrer-Tusk (Part I)

I, Fayga Tusk-Lehrer, née Harcsztark, was born in the city of Tomoshov (Lubelsky), Poland. Tomoshov had a large shul and many shtieblach; a Gerrer shtieblel, a Belzer shtiebel, a Rhizoner…

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Table Talk

Celery Man

Shemittah gives us the opportunity to work on our bitachon, to trust in Hashem and trust in His promises. By blindly taking a year off work and leaving the rest…

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This Day in History

This Day In History 22 Iyar/May 18

22 Iyar In 5491/1731, all the sefarim in the Papal States were confiscated. In 5679/1919, the Romanian government granted citizenship to all native-born Jews. In 5704/1944, the Nazis began the…

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The Culinary Connoisseur

Going Dutch

“Everything old is new again.” And Dutch Baby pancakes are exactly that! An old favorite that has now become the darling of food enthusiasts everywhere. A Dutch baby pancake, sometimes…

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