Beware the Ice of March

Don’t let anybody tell you that etymology — especially Hebrew etymology — is some esoteric field of study, with no practical application. The Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew: Based on…

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Odd Side

The Odd Side – March 21, 2017

Dallas Woman Goes Out on Limb to Prevent Tree-Trimming DALLAS (AP) – A sixty-seven-year-old Dallas woman climbed a pecan tree on her property to protest a utility company’s plan to…

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Positive Parenting

Suspended From School

Q: Our 16-year-old daughter has been exhibiting troublesome behavior in recent weeks, and my husband and I don’t know how to respond. She shows a lack of interest in schoolwork…

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Parshah Potpourri

Aharon’s Just Reward

Vayikahel ha’am al Aharon vayomru eilav kum aseh lanu elohim (Shemos 32:1) This week is Parashas Parah, in which we read about the mitzvah of parah adumah. Rashi writes (Bamidbar…

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