Parshah Potpourri

How Could Lavan Be Right?

Vayomer Lavan lo yei’aseh chen bimkomeinu lases hatze’irah lifnei habechirah (Bereishis 29:26) When Yaakov discovered that his swindling father-in-law Lavan had tricked him by substituting Leah for Rochel under the…

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The Culinary Connoisseur

Flavors of Fall

Maple syrup, like many delicious natural products was discovered by accident. Most legends claim that Native Americans thought the liquid dripping from trees that had been cut by their tomahawks…

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Fennel: Distinctive and Delicious

Fennel is the licorice-flavored vegetable for people who don’t like licorice. It is also, obviously, for people who do. Fennel can make a believer out of a licoricephobe because it…

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