Attempted Assault on 2 Jews in Bensonhurst Shavuos Morning

  A group of teenagers assaulted and menaced two Jews in Bensonhurst early Shavuos morning. Around 4:32 a.m. Friday, a 25-year-old man was walking home from an all-night learning session.…

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Anti-Semitic Crime Rises in Germany, Most From Far Right

Anti-Semitic crimes in Germany last year reached their highest level since the country started keeping statistics, amid an overall strong increase in right-extremist criminality that is a cause for “great…

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Tehillim for Hagaon Harav Meshulam Dovid Soloveichik, shlita

Hagaon Harav Meshulam Dovid Soloveichik, shlita, was hospitalized on Monday after feeling ill. Tehillim is requested for Meshulam Dovid ben Alte Hendel b’soch she’ar cholei Yisrael.

Lakewood Briefs

Ocean County Health Department Establishes Office for Contact Tracing In an effort to prepare for the coming stages of the COVID era, Ocean County Health Department (OCHD) established a unit…

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New Free COVID-19 Employment Initiative from BPJCC

The Boro Park Jewish Community Council has been inundated with hundreds of individuals reaching out weekly for assistance with unemployment and job assistance as a result of COVID-19. In response,…

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