‘O Grammar!’ Crater Ladle Gull

A Western novel published in 1985 was set in 1970s Japan. Not disoriented (or disoccidented) yet? Stay with me. The verse is yet to come. The main characters hung out…

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Odd Side

The Odd Side – November 21, 2017

Zoo Throwing Farewell Party for Beloved Gorilla BOSTON (AP) – A Boston zoo is holding a farewell party for a beloved gorilla that’s heading to another zoo in New Orleans…

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Positive Parenting

Too Smart for Our Own Good?

Q: I can relate well to last week’s letter-writer who spoke about a charismatic child towards whom both adults and children easily gravitate. We have a 12-year-old son who possesses…

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Parshah Potpourri

The Power of Childhood Memories

Vayehi ki zaken Yitzchak vatich’hena einav meir’os (Bereishis 27:1) The Torah records that Yitzchak was blind at the end of his life, which enabled Yaakov to deceive him to receive…

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