Positive Parenting

Creating Warm Family Memories

Q: I have warm childhood memories of Chanukah, and would really like my children to have similar ones. But Chanukah 5778/2017 occurs in a different world than the one I…

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Parshah Potpourri

The Precise Punishment for Mechiras Yosef

Vayomer Yehudah el echav ‘mah betza ki naharog es achinu v’chisinu es damo. Lechu v’nimkerenu laYishmaelim’ (Bereishis 37:26–27) The Gemara in Shabbos (10b) teaches that the preferential treatment that Yosef…

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Table Talk

Good Intention

And Reuven said to them, “Shed no blood. Throw him into this pit…” intending to rescue him from their hand, to return him to his father. (Bereisheet 37:22) Rashi: “intending…

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Mishmeres Hashalom

Mishmeres HaSholom: Ask the Rav

Q: I spoke negatively about someone, for a constructive purpose. I did so after consulting a Rav and careful deliberation. Unfortunately, the information reached the subject, who was obviously deeply…

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The Culinary Connoisseur

Brownie Bash

In case you need a reason to try a yummy new recipe, tomorrow is National Brownie Day. It seems every day of the year has been designated to celebrate something.…

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