MK Rabbi Asher to Liberman: You Have No Emunah in Anything!

UTJ MK Rabbi Yaakov Asher speaks in the Knesset. (Olivier Fitoussi/FLASH90)

In Monday night’s filibuster in the Knesset, MK Rabbi Yaakov Asher (UTJ) attacked Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman: “You have no emunah in anything! Am Yisrael live their history, their faith, you try to destroy the Jewish state but you will not succeed.”

He was referring to Liberman’s degrading remarks about tour guides and travel agents that they should “find other work” as travel restrictions disrupt their livelihood.

Rabbi Asher prefaced his remarks by referring to the fast of Asarah B’Teves as a memorial to the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash: “All four fasts are a memorial to the destruction of the Temple, so many years that the Jewish people memorialize and preserve its history, both the destruction and the resurrections, it is the people of Israel.

He repeated the story of Napoleon’s famous visit to a shul on Tishah B’Av: “When Napoleon was in Yerushalayim it was on Tishah B’Av, he visited a shul and saw Jews sitting on the floor crying, he asked them why they were crying and they told him about the destruction of their House that happened 1,800 years before, Napoleon said, ‘A nation that knows how to mourn its past has a future.’ This is how it is when there is no sensitivity to the past, that there are no roots and there is no future.”

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