Israeli Woman Injured in Arab Hammer Attack

A view of Highway 60 in Yehudah and Shomron. (Flash90)

An Israeli woman was injured in what police called an attempted carjacking in central Shomron Wednesday. According to police, an Israeli woman driving a car near the town of Maale Levonah was forced to slow down, and two Arabs descended on the car and smashed a window with a hammer, and attempted to force her out of the car. The woman instead sped up and continued driving until she got to the nearby town of Eli, where she reported to soldiers what had happened.

The woman was lightly injured in the incident. The hammer the Arabs used to break the window was found inside the car. Police and IDF soldiers began a search for the culprits.

Also Wednesday, police arrested two Palestinian Authority Arabs who tried to steal a vehicle from an Israeli who was getting gas at a filling station. The incident occurred near Rosh Ha’ayin. The Arabs tried to enter the vehicle while the driver was outside of it, but ran away when they were spotted. Police caught them a short time later. Police said that the successful theft of the vehicle could have posed a security threat, as the Arabs could have driven anywhere in Israel to carry out a terror attack.