Erdan to Oudeh: When You See Me in the Knesset, Walk Away

Minister Gilad Erdan. (Marc Israel Sellem/POOL)

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan slammed United Arab List head Ayman Oudeh, after the party he leads sponsored a demonstration in Haifa Saturday night protesting the joint strike by the U.S., France and Britain against Syria. In a social media post, Erdan wrote that the United Arab List “supports collaborating with the enemy. Your friend Bashar Assad of Syria has been attacked. The entire West has banded together against Syria and the Assad regime in order to prevent him from killing children with chemical weapons. You stand at his side with loyalty.”

Several dozen members of the party, led by UAL MK Issam Mahoul, protested the attack on Syria, in which over 100 missiles were fired at targets in Syria. Protesters demanded a U.N. investigation into the “unwarranted aggression,” and said that an alleged chemical attack last week on civilians in the Damascus area never happened.

In his comments, Erdan said that Oudeh, the leader of the UAL, was responsible for “collaborating with Israel’s enemies,” and that he had been “marketed as a moderate. But you are no moderate. Let all Israelis know now that there is a man sitting in the Knesset, getting a salary from the state, who supports the vicious regime of Assad, and the axis of evil that seeks to wipe out Israel. Any Knesset member who cooperates with you from now on must realize that they are cooperating with an MK who collaborates with the enemy, nothing less. When you see me in the Knesset, turn away. I will not greet you. You are a disgusting person and I will have nothing to do with someone who supports the use of chemical weapons against innocent children.

If you had any dignity, you would quit the Knesset and go to work directly for your murderous friend Assad,” Erdan added. “Unlike you, I hope the attack Saturday is the beginning of an effort that will not end. The world opposes and will stop the genocide in Syria – the world, that is, except for the Israeli Ayman Oudeh.”