Poll Finds Palestinians Think Trump Not Serious About Peace Process


Palestinian skepticism about U.S. President Donald Trump’s sincerity in pursuing the peace process is overwhelming, according to a new poll conducted by a Ramallah-based center.

Some 79.3 percent of Palestinians say they believe Trump is either somewhat or very unserious about renewing peace talks, while only 11.9 percent are persuaded the he is either somewhat or very serious about it, The Jerusalem Post reported on Wednesday.

The poll sought the opinions of 1,199 people in Yehudah and Shomron and the Gaza Strip, and was carried out August 13 to August 21 by the Jerusalem Media and Communications Center.

The data was more encouraging in regard to attitudes toward peacemaking in general. 54.2 percent of Palestinian respondents said they either somewhat or strongly favor peace negotiations with Israel, while 41.9 stated that they somewhat or strongly disagree with them. By comparison, 56.1 percent said they oppose attacks against Israelis compared to 28.8 percent, who support them.