Turkey Won’t ‘Bargain’ Over Mavi Marmara Compensation


There was a signal from Turkey on Monday of trouble ahead in negotiations over compensation for victims of the 2010 Mavi Marmara.

Turkish officials are warning Israel that they will not engage in “horse trading or dirty bargaining,” Turkish Hurriyet Daily News reported.

An unnamed Turkish diplomat was quoted saying that “Israel should perfectly know that this is not a process of bargaining. Compensation talks should not be turned into horse trading or dirty bargaining.”

The source added that he hoped the issue would be solved in the coming weeks.

“We want to close this issue in one session. Discussing human life for money is not a pleasant thing. This should be concluded in a most appropriate way,” the source reportedly said.

According to the Turkish paper, unconfirmed reports have stated that Israel is willing to pay $100,000 per victim, although Israeli sources had put it at $300,000 per family, in line with comparable legal settlements.

However Turkish officials say that “it should be a substantial amount,” although they have not specified how much. The figure of $1 million per family had been mentioned in earlier reports, but that was not confirmed.