Large Crowd Spends Shabbos in Uman

Several hundred Breslover Chassidim traveled to Ukraine last week to spend Shabbos in Uman, near the kever of the Rebbe Reb Nachman of Breslov, zt”l. Rosh Chodesh Nisan is one…

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Vizhnitzer Rebbe, Harav Mordechai Hager, Zt”l

With great tzaar we report the petirah of Hadmor Hagaon Harav Mordechai Hager, zt”l, who was niftar this morning in New York after many tefillos of Klal Yisroel, at the…

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Vizhnitzer Rebbe in Extremely Critical Condition

The Vizhniter Rebbe, shlita, of Monsey, is in extremely critical condition. Klal Yisrael is urged to daven and increase limud haTorah for the refuah sheleimah of Harav Mordechai ben Margulia,…

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