Audio Transcription of Hamas Murderer Bragging About Killing Jews

Israel’s Foreign Minister Eli Cohen played an audio recording of a phone call during his Tuesday address at the United Nations Security Council meeting, in which a Hamas murderer brags to his family about killing ten Jews with his own hands.
Israeli Foreign Minsiter Eli Cohen as he addressed the UN Security Council in NYC on October 24, 2023. (Lev Radin/Israeli Consulate in New York)

FATHER: Hello.


I’m talking to you from Mefalsim.

Open my WhatsApp now and you’ll see all those killed.

Look how many I killed with my own hands! Your son killed Jews!

It’s inside Mefalsim, Dad.

FATHER: May God protect you.

MAHMOUD: Dad, I’m talking to you from a Jewish woman’s phone.

I killed her and I killed her husband.

I killed ten with my own hands.

Dad, ten with my own hands!

Dad, open WhatsApp and see how many I killed, Dad.

Open the phone, Dad, I’m calling you on WhatsApp, open the phone, go.

Dad, I’m in Mefalsim.

Dad, I killed ten. Ten! Ten with my own hands.

Their blood is on their hands. Put Mom on.

FATHER: Oh my son, God bless you!

MAHMOUD: I swear ten with my own hands, mother. I killed ten with my own hands.

MOTHER May God bring you home safely.

MAHMOUD: Dad, go back to WhatsApp now, Dad. I want to do a live broadcast from Mefalsim.

MOTHER: I wish I was there with you.

MAHMOUD Mom, your son is a hero. Kill, kill, kill. Kill them.

ALAA (BROTHER): Mahmoud, Mahmoud.

MAHMOUD: Yes, brother.

ALAA: Mahmoud, where are you?

MAHMOUD: I am in Mefalsim. Alaa. I killed ten, Alaa, ten with my own hands.

I’m talking to you from a Jew’s phone.

FATHER: You killed ten?

MAHMOUD: Yes, I killed ten, I swear.

MOTHER: Where are you, in Zikim?

MAHMOUD: I’m in Mefalsim, not Zikim.

I am the first (to enter) under the protection and help of Allah.

Hold your head up, Father, hold your head up.

FATHER: Inside the city?

MAHMOUD: See on WhatsApp those that I killed, open my WhatsApp.

ALAA: Come back, come back.

MAHMOUD: What do you mean come back? There is no going back. It’s either death or victory.

My mother gave birth to me for the religion, Alaa. What’s with you Alaa, how will I return?

Open WhatsApp, see the dead, open it. Open my WhatsApp. On my phone.

ALAA: On your phone?

MAHMOUD: Open WhatsApp on your phone.

CHILD: Is this Mahmoud?

MAHMOUD: Look at it on WhatsApp.

CHILD: Should I open your phone?

MAHMOUD: Open WhatsApp on your phone and see the dead, how I killed them with my own hands.

CHILD: Well, promise to come back.

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