Police Recommend Limiting Size of Meron Celebrations on Lag BaOmer

The parenches at the Boyan compound in Meron. (David Cohen/FLASH90)

In preparation for the interim report of the investigation into the Meron Disaster, Israel Police recommend regulating the limitation of participants in the Meron celebrations on Lag Baomer in legislation, in order to enable the police to enforce the restrictions and prepare accordingly. This emerges from a letter sent by the police to the commission of inquiry and published Sunday in Yediot Acharonot.

After hearing many testimonies, the inquiry commission is expected to publish an interim report ahead of Lag BaOmer, which will presumably include guidelines for holding the events in Meron.

In light of the intention of the commission to publish an interim report on the tragedy in Meron, which is expected to include recommendations for the celebration in the coming year and in coming years, the police want to publish the report as early as possible in order to prepare for the mass event.