Planned Israel Visit by Pfizer CEO Postponed

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. (Bloomberg photo by Zach Gibson)

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla’s planned visit to Israel next week has been postponed, Channel 12 News reported Thursday.

There had been some criticism ahead of the planned visit that its timing shortly before the March 23 election could be seen as illegal campaign propaganda by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who has repeatedly touted his good relations with Bourla as a major reason Israel was able to secure large quantities of coronavirus vaccines so quickly.

“We remain interested in meeting the scientific leaders and other important stakeholders who were vital to the successful COVID-19 vaccination program in Israel,” according to an official statement issued by Pfizer’s spokesperson in Israel.

“Any company visit will [be] most likely to occur in late spring or early summer at the earliest, once travel conditions improve and COVID-related restrictions are eased, “the statement added.

Bourla was scheduled to arrive in Israel on March 8. The trip had been coordinated by the National Security Council.

Pfizer has committed to providing Israel with at least ten million doses of the vaccine. So far, about 7.5 million Pfizer doses have been given to Israelis.