Poll Shows Majority of Israelis Prefer Trump Over Biden

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaking during the first 2020 presidential campaign debate, held on Sept. 29. (Reuters/Brian Snyder)

A clear majority of Israelis favor the re-election of incumbent President Donald Trump, a poll conducted for i24NEWS showed Monday night.

The poll, conducted by the Direct Falls Research Institute, found that 63.3% of Israelis prefer the re-election of Trump, compared to 18.8% who prefer former Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

10.4% of respondents said that both candidates would be equally good for the State of Israel, while 3.1% said neither.

Israelis were also asked about the connection of personal ties between Trump and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and its potential impact on U.S.-Israel relations, with some 50.9% of respondents saying that the election of Biden will harm future relations between the two countries, while 43.5% said that relations won’t be harmed.

Similarly, 43.5% of respondents indicated that the U.S.-Israel relationship is not dependent on the U.S. president or Israeli prime minister, on the basis the U.S. is a “true friend” of Israel.

In terms of public interest, 87.8% of Israelis said they were following the American elections. Broken down, 48.1% said the U.S. elections are very interesting for them, while another 39.7% said they are interesting to a certain extent. Nine percent said that they are not so interested in the U.S. elections.

Israeli perspectives on American Jewry’s voting patterns were also assessed in the poll. According to the poll, 48.2% of respondents think that American Jews’ support for Democrats is “wrong,” compared to 35.5% of Israelis who think their support is “right.” 16.3% of respondents said they were unsure.

The poll was conducted on October 6 with a sample of 519 adult respondents from all sectors of the Israeli population. The statistical sampling error was + 4.4%.