Heat Wave to Break, Rain Predicted

A brush fire near Moshav Sitria, Thursday, one of many caused by the extremely hot, dry weather. (Yossi Aloni/Flash90)

The heat wave which has gripped Israel since the end of last week was expected to ease from Thursday night through Shabbos.

Temperatures should drop from the upper 90s to the lower 80s.

And on Sunday, the forecast calls for rain, not a regular occurrence this time of year in Israel.

In Yerushalayim on Thursday, the thermometer hit 95; in Tzefas 95, in Eilat 104, and 109 in Beit Shean.

Since the heat wave began last Friday, 1,525 people have been treated by Magen David Adom. 16 people suffered heat stroke and two died, 7 are in serious condition and four in mild condition. 115 suffered from dehydration, 472 fainted, and 922 suffered from weakness and dizziness.