Three Said Killed in Overnight Raid on Syrian Weapons Warehouse

Missile fire is seen over Damascus, Syria, in this file photo. (SANA/Handout via Reuters)

At least three people were killed overnight Sunday in a bombing raid on a munitions warehouse near Damascus, Syrian sources said Monday. A Syrian human rights group said that the three were foreign nationals, most likely Iranians. The Syrian report contradicted an earlier one by Lebanese sources that said that no one was killed in the attack.

The attack was attributed by Arab media to Israel, one of a number of recent raids on Iranian military installations in Syria. Israel had no comment on the report Monday, but has admitted to being responsible for several recent raids, with Israeli officials vowing to ensure that Iran does not gain a permanent toehold in Syria.

The Lebanese report said that the target of the attack was a weapons warehouse, where advanced Iranian weapons and parts were being stored. The Lebanese Al-Ahbar newspaper said that missiles had been fired at Syria from off the coast of Lebanon, and from the Golan Heights. Syria claimed that it had shot down some of the incoming missiles with its anti-missile defense system.

Earlier, Syrian news agency Sana reported that “unknown aircraft” had been seen over the military airport in the central Syrian city of Hama. Residents reported hearing loud explosions, and images on social media showed plumes of smoke rising above the airport. Israel had no comment on that report either.