Teveryah Director-General Resigns


The Director-General of the Teveryah municipality, Ofer Azard, announced his resignation on Sunday morning, signaling a further deterioration in mayor Ron Kobi’s hold on the city.

Azard served in the post for two years, shouldering the burden of keeping the city functioning despite Kobi’s ongoing war with the chareidim and his failure to have the city’s budget approved before the legal deadline.

City council member Rafael Treblessy commented: “Another nail in Teveryah’s coffin in the funeral procession that Ron Kobi is leading in the city. Ofer Ezard, a colonel in the IDF who promoted profound changes in the municipal structure and began improving the municipality in the correct and professional direction – feels he can no longer lead in such an irresponsible and unprofessional manner as Ron Kobi demanded of him,” according to Arutz Sheva on Sunday.

“Ofer has taken on too much responsibility for Ron Kobi’s conduct over the past year out of a sense of mission and love for Teveryah. I personally know how important Tiverya and its residents are to Ofer Azard and therefore, I want to personally thank him for all his work for the city and wish him lots of success on his chosen path. I have no doubt that Tiverya lost out badly.

“I hope that the nightmare of Teveryah – Ron Kobi – ends as quickly as possible to minimize damage and begin to repair all the destruction that Ron is wreaking daily with his disgraceful conduct.”

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