Two Israelis Stabbed Outside Dentist’s Office in PA Village

Palestinian rioters clash with Israeli forces following a demonstration along the border between Israel-Gaza, near Shuja’iyya neighborhood of Gaza City, on Friday. (Hassan Jedi/Flash90)

A 17-year-old Israeli teen was moderately injured and his 60-year-old father was lightly hurt in a stabbing terror attack in the Arab village of Azzun, located in central Shomron. The incident occurred outside the office of a dentist, which the two Israelis and a third individual who was accompanying them were about to enter. The third Israeli was not injured in the incident.

Speaking to Kan News, the father, Yosef Peretz, said that the two were approached by an Arab teen, who asked them if they were Arab or Jewish. When they responded with the latter, the Arab pulled out a knife and began stabbing them. “My son was afraid I would get hurt and he pushed me aside, he tried to fight back against the stabber, and he got stabbed himself.”

The father said that the staff in the dentist’s office, realizing what was happening, attempted to stop the stabber. He then ran away, and reportedly turned himself in to Palestinian police. Israeli officials said that they had not confirmed that, and in any event, they wanted to arrest the terrorist.

The injured Israelis were brought to a nearby Israeli checkpoint, where they received first aid, and were later transported to Meir Hospital in Kfar Sava. The two are residents of southern Israel. The father told reporters that he and his son had been going to the dentist for a year. “I never imagined that something like this could happen,” he added. Channel 12 reported that police were investigating that claim, and that it was possible the two were involved in criminal activity.

Azzun is located about 10 kilometers from Kfar Sava, and is in Area B, which is under Israeli military control and Palestinian Authority civil patrol. Unlike in Area A, Israelis are allowed to enter Area B-controlled areas.