Report: Israel Preventing Distribution of Qatari Cash in Gaza

A Palestinian demonstrator kicks a tear gas canister fired by Israeli troops during a protest at the Israel-Gaza border fence in Gaza. (Reuters/Mohammed Salem, File)

IDF soldiers on Thursday night prevented a terror attack when they caught a terrorist sneaking across the Gaza border. The terrorist was identified by soldiers who ordered him to stop. Instead the terrorist responded by throwing hand grenades at the soldiers. The soldiers responded with gunfire, injuring the terrorist.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Al-Ahbar newspaper reported Friday that Hamas planned to step up its terror activities – because Israel prevented the Qatari ambassador in Gaza from distributing millions of dollars for payment of Hamas terrorists.

The ambassador was set to enter Gaza on Thursday, and he is said to be there – but without the cash. Israel is demanding that Hamas live up to its end of the bargain in the “understandings” between them – including a cessation of rocket and balloon terror attacks. Israel, the report said, told Hamas it would not let the money in until getting a Hamas commitment on those issues.

Hamas’s response, the report said, will be to intensify attacks, starting Friday. “Hamas told the Egyptians who are brokering between the group and Israel that the Friday demonstrations will be more violent, and that they intended to attempt more fence breaches, along with balloon attacks, and loud noises at night,” yet another harassment tactic that terrorists have instituted, playing loud music over mosque loudspeakers.

In a social media post Friday, Blue and White head Benny Gantz slammed the government for the situation in Gaza. “Netanyahu has a deal with Hamas – no missiles until after the election,” he wrote. “Israel’s deterrence has been erased and Netanyahu is losing control. A Blue and White government promises not to make political ‘deals’ with Hamas on the backs of residents of the south. The equation is simple – either quiet, or a military victory over Hamas.”

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