Security Forces Prevent Hamas-Led Election Day Terror Attack

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A view of neighborhoods in Maalei Adumim, near Yerushalayim. (Hadas Parush/Flash90)

A Hamas terror cell that planned an attack on or about Election Day was caught and disarmed by the Shin Bet, IDF and police forces, it was released for publication Sunday. The group had been in advanced stages of planning the attack when one of its leaders, Yahya Abu-Dia, was arrested on March 31st.

Abu-Dia, a 23-year-old resident of the village of A-Zaayim, told interrogators that he had been in direct contact with top Hamas terrorists, who had guided him on setting up the attack. He was told to acquire a vehicle and rent a warehouse to store ammunition, which would be used to make a car bomb. The plan was to drive the car to the area of the Maale Adumim checkpoint and set it off there.

Hamas terrorist Yahya Abu-Dia. (Shin Bet)

The site was chosen, Abu Dia said, because there are many buses and public transportation vehicles there and the bomb would create a major impact. Abu Dia acquired the vehicle and the weapons, and conducted reconnaissance to plan and carry out the attack. He also planned to film himself reading a last will and testament, which was to be distributed after the attack.

The Shin Bet said that “Hamas in Gaza is constantly attempting to recruit individuals to carry out terror attacks in order to harm the stability of Israel. The Shin Bet, together with other security forces, will continue to work to prevent such attacks from taking place.”

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