Netanyahu Says Terror Cell Points Need to Keep Control West of Jordan River


Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu cited the revelation on Sunday of a Hamas plot to carry out major terror attacks in Israel as compelling proof that Israel must maintain control of security in the region in any final status agreement with the Palestinians.

“The ISA [Internal Security Agency, or Shin Bet], the IDF and the Israel Police have thwarted a Hamas terrorist cell that sought to carry out horrific attacks in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, from Nablus in Judea and Samaria. Hamas is trying to attack us from both Gaza, and Judea and Samaria. This is why we will continue to maintain security control of all areas west of the Jordan River,” Mr. Netanyahu said in a statement released by his office on Sunday in English.

According to the report, the cell of over 20 terrorists was planning a series of bombings, including suicide bombings, and shooting attacks in Yerushalayim, Tel Aviv, the town of Itamar in central Shomron, and other locations across Israel.