Yeshivah Students to Receive Deferments Away From IDF Offices

The entrance to the army recruiting office in Yerushalayim. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

A precedent-setting move was launched this week, under which yeshivah students were invited to their initial military deferment at a municipal building, instead of traveling to an IDF recruitment office.

Under this initiative, the yeshivah bachurim will not have to report to the recruitment offices, as has been the case until now, since the historic arrangement between the government and the Vaad Hayeshivos was arranged.

The latest move was initiated by the Vaad Hayeshivos, on behalf of the bachurim.

This comes after an earlier amendment arrangement by Vaad Hayeshivos last year. Under that revision, bachurim were allowed to come in groups to the recruitment offices. Instead of a lengthy one-on-one interview with each bachur, they held a group session, and a Mashgiach from the yeshivah was even allowed in with the bachurim.

Another change implemented last year was that the bachurim no longer needed to go to the recruiting offices for interviews; all they needed to do was  fill out the questionnaires in their yeshivos and submit the forms to the Vaad Hayeshivos, who forwarded them to the IDF.

Now, with this latest change, there is no need to go to the recruitment office at all.

On Tuesday, hundreds of bachurim from Netivot, Tifrach and Ofakim arrived at a city center in Netivot where they arranged their status as yeshivah students. On Wednesday, the new arrangement was held for yeshivah bachurim in Ashdod.

Roshei Yeshivah expressed great satisfaction with the process, which brings a great deal of relief for the bachurim, and have praised the work of the Vaad Hayeshivos in implementing this change on behalf of the yeshivah bachurim.

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