Officer Who Was Victim of Slapping Incident: It’s Par for the Course

Arabs throw rocks in a riot. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

The unit commander who was slapped and kicked by two Palestinian girls last Friday said that he “felt good” and that he was “not at all upset” over the slapping incident. The footage and images of the confrontation last Friday that was released Tuesday shocked Israelis, who watched as the two Palestinian girls – who turned out to be relatives and members of the Temimi clan, well-known for their support of terror activities – cursed, kicked, and slapped two IDF officers in a demonstration that took place in their village of Nebi Salah on Friday.

The officer was widely criticized for failing to respond. Speaking to Army Radio, he said that as far as he was concerned, things were continuing in the army as usual. The officer did not relate to the incident specifically, but said that such incidents were not uncommon. Other soldiers in his unit told Army Radio that they felt the officer had acted properly, and that they supported him.

“We are constantly warned not to use violence when it is not necessary, because we are always being filmed,” one soldier told Army Radio. “They come to us in these situations with cameras right in our face, and there is nothing you can do but patiently wait out the incident. The officer knew he was being filmed, and he did nothing – which makes him a true leader, for not giving them weapons to use against us in their media,” the soldier said.