Gov’t Takes Action to Stem Butter Shortage

Butter (Pixabay)
Butter used in industrial manufactore of baked goods. (Pixabay)

There’s an impending butter shortage in Israel – not the butter on supermarket shelves, but butter used in industrial production of cakes and other, mostly baked, goods. The Finance Ministry, together with the Agriculture Ministry, has developed a plan to import 700 tons of butter without customs duties in order to satisfy the needs of industry.

Seven of the largest food companies in Israel – including top dairies and baked goods producers – will receive 100 tons of butter each. The butter will begin entering Israel in October. The Ministries have asked the Milk Industry Board to source the butter and begin importing it by that time in order to prevent shortages.

The butter is to be imported in large industrial containers. The Economy Ministry said it was also accelerating the import of consumer-sized packages of butter, in sizes of 100 grams to one kilogram, in order to forestall shortages in the consumer market as well.