Rabbi Litzman: Health Ministry to Subsidize Gluten-Free Products

Bread. Photo by Shlomi Cohen/Flash90
Buying bread in an Israeli bakery. (Shlomi Cohen/Flash90)

Israel Health Minister Rabbi Yaakov Litzman said that his office would undertake to legislate subsidies for gluten-free products for the benefit of sufferers of Celiac [and other] diseases. According to Rabbi Litzman there were many people in Israel who are sensitive to gluten products – and that if the government subsidizes bread, it should also subsidize products for those who cannot eat bread.

The specific products and level of subsidy for products have not yet been decided.

Rabbi Litzman made the comments on a tour of the Carmit sweets factory in central Israel. “I usually do not go to sweets factories because I don’t want people to think that I support consumption of junk food, but I agreed to come to Carmit because I know they try to do the right thing,” said Rabbi Litzman. “I identify with what the company does, in producing products for people who are sensitive to gluten as well as lower in sugar, and in selling products at popular prices.”