Probe of Officer Accused of Threatening Chareidi Demonstrators With Gun


A Border Police officer accused of drawing his pistol and threatening chareidi demonstrators was questioned and given a warning, police said on Wednesday.

The incident, which was caught on film, took place a month ago during a protest against chareidi enlistment in the IDF.

During the demonstration near Haim Bar Lev Boulevard in Yerushalayim, several Border Police officers were filmed attempting to hold back a group of protesters. While one officer allegedly beat demonstrators, another was filmed drawing his pistol, cocking it, and then pointing it at protesters.

A participant in the demonstration was quoted by Arutz Sheva as saying that the event was peaceful – until police intervened.

“There was a march along the sidewalk which was going on with no issues, but the police couldn’t just sit by and watch the demonstration pass peacefully and had to go wild.

“They went wild, with no restraint, including threatening protesters on the sidewalk with an armed gun.”

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