Man Tragically Collapses and Is Niftar at Ben Gurion Airport


A terrible tragedy struck the frum kehila of Manchester on Monday evening, when a community member collapsed and was niftar while at Ben Gurion Airport, reported Arutz Sheva.

Moshe Litke, z”l, a man in his 50’s, was with his family, heading back to the U.K. after a week-long trip to Israel. As they were walking onto the passenger boarding bridge, or gangway, of a plane at Terminal 3 of Ben Gurion Airport,  he suddenly collapsed, apparently of a heart attack.

ZAKA emergency volunteers attempted to resuscitate him, while others “tried to calm the family members, who were in a panic,” recounted Shmulik Segel, the ZAKA head in Modi’in Illit.

Sadly, the resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful, and a doctor declared that Litke had been niftar.

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