Civil Authority Demolishes Illegal Arab Structure

The Civil Authority said Friday that it had demolished a three-story building in the village of Azarya, near Yerushalayim. The home had been unoccupied, the Authority said in a statement. The building was illegally built, and was demolished after lengthy court proceedings, and after the appropriate demolition orders were issued.

Meanwhile Friday, the IDF said that it was preparing to demolish the homes of the three terrorists who committed Wednesday’s stabbing attack at the Damascus Gate in Yerushalayim. The terrorists were residents of the village of Kabatiya, near Jenin in northern Samaria. Altogether, seven orders of demolition were handed out to the families of terrorists who were either killed in a terror attack, or convicted of terrorism.

Israeli security officials have been feverishly trying to determine how the three terrorists made their way from Kabatya to Jerusalem – armed with guns, bombs, and knives – to carry out the terror attack that took the life of Border Police officer Hadar Cohen, H”yd. After imposing a closure on Kabatya and other villages in the area Wednesday night, IDF troops entered the village and made several arrests, taking in family members and friends of the terrorists.

Overnight Thursday, IDF soldiers arrested eight security suspects, who were wanted on charges of rioting, and endangering lives by throwing rocks and firebombs at Israeli civilians and IDF troops. Several of the detainees were Hamas members, the IDF said.