Magen David Adom Releases Grim Terror Statistics

(Hamodia Staff) -

During the past three weeks, since Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin,  were murdered in front of their four children on October 1, there have been 122 terror victims: 10 Israelis were killed, 11 were seriously wounded, 17 moderately wounded and 84 suffered light wounds, according to figures released by Magen David Adom (MDA) on Tuesday.

The victims, , include the ­Henkins, who were gunned down near Itamar in Shomron; Rabbi Nehemia Lavi and Aharon Bennett, who were stabbed to death in Yerushalayim’s Old City on October 3; Haviv Chaim and Alon Guverg, who were murdered by terrorists in a shooting attack on a bus in Armon Hanatziv in the capital on October 13; and Rabbi Yeshiyahu Krishevsky, who was murdered in a car attack in Geula the same day.

This week, added to the list of those killed were IDF soldier Omri Levy, in the attack at the Be’er Sheva Central Bus Station, as well as the Eritrean who was killed after being mistaken for an accomplice in the attack; and Avraham Asher Hasno, murdered by an Arab truck driver on Tuesday near Chevron.

May Hashem comfort their families and may the Shomer Yisrael guard His children from any further harm.