Kerry Meets Opposition Leader Herzog in London

LONDON (Reuters) -

Secretary of State John Kerry met briefly with Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog in London on Friday where they discussed crises in the Middle East, the Iran nuclear agreement, and current tensions in Yerushalayim.

Kerry is in London for talks with British and other officials on the conflict in Syria, which has led to a refugee crisis in neighboring countries and Europe.

A senior State Department official said the two also discussed tensions at and around Har Habayis, the need to continue work towards a two-state solution, and the future of the United States and Israel’s relationship in the wake of the Iran deal.

While in London, Kerry urged calm and called on all sides to exercise restraint amid the violence.

Kerry said he had spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who had made it clear that “he is completely supportive of the status quo and deeply committed to preventing any kind of incident that will incite.”