Ben Gurion Airport Authority Disputes Union Workers’ Claim

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) -

It may have looked like a strike, but the workers union at Ben Gurion Airport claimed that the reason bags were not being loaded or unloaded was due to a manpower shortage, not a labor sanction.

“Unfortunately, the management did not get ready in advance to take on more manpower before the rise in passenger numbers in the summer months. We call on the management to solve the manpower shortage problem immediately and prevent passengers being harmed,” the workers committee said in a statement on Wednesday.

The Israel Airports Authority acknowledged the disruption, but disputed the workers’ baggage claim, asserting that it was due to a job action: “About 10 aircraft are waiting to be dealt with. The management, which is aware of the inconvenience to the travelling public, is doing all it can to restore labor relations to normal.”