Defense Ministry Riled Over Proposed Shorter Service


The Shaked Committee’s decision on Monday to recommend a shorter term of military service has drawn an angry thumbs down from  the Defense Ministry, The Jerusalem Post reports.

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon will be demanding a revote in the committee when he gets back from the Singapore Air Show next week.

The committee voted to cut men’s service by four months, but did not, as defense officials had expected, make a compensatory increase in service time of women. That, apparently, is what had been worked out in prior negotiations, and the Defense Ministry’s six months of planning for the change were suddenly thrown into disarray.

“You can’t do one without the other, it creates a gap,” a defense source said.

Defense officials are also reportedly irritated by the zig-zag movements of Israel’s parliamentarians.

“Instead of taking decisions by the Peri Committee as they are, this story is being dragged out for months,” the sources said.