BOI Governor Flug Joins Core Curriculum Chorus


Bank of Israel chief Karnit Flug took the opportunity of an appearance at the Davos World Economic Forum to join the Netanyahu government’s campaign of interference in chareidi education.

In the presence of foreign leaders abroad, Flug criticized a large segment of her own country’s population, saying that chareidim must study core academic subjects to help them integrate into the workforce —or have their funding taken away.

The banking chief decried the low workforce participation of chareidim, and claimed that imposing secular studies on the curriculum of Torah schools would be the answer.

However, as Hamodia (Hebrew) correspondent Avraham Growise noted, the Israeli government in general and the Bank of Israel in particular have for many years been guilty of egregious discrimination in hiring.

Of the more than 700 BOI employees, only 3 are chareidi. Similarly disproportionate figures are found throughout the national and local government, as well as in the private sector, where qualified chareidi applicants are frequently turned away.