Lapid Continues Slide in Polls


Public dissatisfaction with the performance of Finance Minister Yair Lapid has reached landslide proportions, according to a new poll.

Lapid’s disapproval rating has reached a stunning 75% of Israelis, according to the Globes-Smith Institute opinion poll.

Disappointment with the leader of Yesh Atid means that the party may also be headed for oblivion. The poll found that Yesh Atid would win only 10 Knesset seats were elections held today, down from 11 in the previous poll, 12 seats two months ago, and 19 seats in the elections.

None of the crowd-pleasers Lapid has showcased in recent days has helped his cause. Not his cancellation of the planned income tax hike, nor his shortening of the summer school vacation, have improved his numbers.

President Shimon Peres is reportedly scathing in his assessment of Lapid, telling political leaders off the record that “You can’t just be shallow water, you’ve also got to have depth.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is in a better position, with only 54% of the public  unhappy with his performance. The poll shows Likud-Beitenu losing one seat to 36 mandates from 37 last month, still ahead of the 31 in the elections last January.

Other parties were relatively unchanged.