High Court Backs Decision Not to Indict Arab MK for Flotilla Involvement


Efforts to bring MK Haneen Zoabi (Balad) to trial for her participation in the May 2010 Mavi Marmara flotilla came to nought on Monday as Israel’s High Court rejected a petition to compel the state to indict her, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The three-judge panel said it declined to act as a “supreme attorney-general” to seek an indictment after the state had presented what it believed were reasonable justifications for not doing so. The panel found the state’s argument that there would be significant difficulties in obtaining a conviction to be persuasive.

Michael Ben-Ari, who had filed the petition along with Itamar Ben-Gvir, Ben-Gvir said he was “very disappointed,” that the court was “giving immunity to terrorists” and  refusing to even review all the evidence in the case.

He complained that in the well-known decision regarding right-wing activist Rabbi Meir Kahane, the court had then insisted on reviewing all the evidence, but here it was letting the prosecution “hide something” and employing a double-standard for Zoabi.

Because of Zoabi’s involvement as a passenger in the flotilla, the Central Election’s Commission had voted to disqualify her from running in the January Knesset elections. But the High Court overruled the Commission by a vote of 9-0, allowing Zoabi to run for Knesset. The court maintained there was no evidence that she had been involved in violent resistance to IDF commandos, nor that she knew anything about the terrorists in the flotilla.