Bomb Detonated on Syrian Border


The Israeli army said that an Israeli military vehicle had been damaged by a bomb set off on the Syrian side of the frontier of the Golan Heights.

The attack on Friday was thought to be the first targeted bombing of Israeli forces since the start of Syria’s civil war, although the army could not confirm that was the case.

The vehicle was damaged but nobody was hurt.

A military spokeswoman said the explosion was caused by a concealed device placed on the Syrian side of the frontier fence, but it was unclear which faction was responsible.

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said Israel would not tolerate such actions and warned factions not to test Israel’s resolve.

“I advise all elements on the other side of the border, whether it be the [Assad] regime, global jihad groups, Hizbullah or anybody else not to test our red lines because we will defend our interests,” Yaalon said in a speech.

Yaalon repeated on Saturday that Israel’s red lines were drawn at the transfer of sophisticated “game-changing” weapons to Hizbullah and other hostile groups and any attempt to disrupt Israel’s sovereignty of the Golan Heights.