Peres Speaks Secretly to Arab Security Conference


Israeli President Shimon Peres spoke in secret to a Gulf Security conference in Abu Dhabi last month attended by 29 foreign ministers of Arab and Muslim states, according to media reports.

Peres was interviewed by U.N. Under-secretary-General Terje Roed-Larsen, who was at the conference stage in Abu Dhabi while Peres spoke from Yerushalayim. He did not directly address the assembled foreign ministers, speaking only to Larsen, though everyone in attendance was enabled to hear the conversation.

The content of Peres’s remarks were not available, since the journalists who were permitted to attend were told it was off the record.

Ayelet Frish, the president’s spokeswoman, confirmed that Peres spoke to the conference, but declined to furnish any more details, since it was arranged on conditions of strict secrecy.