Israel’s Population Passes 8 Million


The annual Israeli census figures released on Monday showed that the country’s population now exceeds eight million.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Jewish population in Israel today stands at 6.066 million people, or 75.1 percent of the total population, while the Arab population represents some 20.7%, about 1.670 million.

The remaining 4.2%, 345,000 inhabitants, are non-Arab Christians, people affiliated with other religions and those with no affiliation.

In the past year, 163,000 babies were born in Israel and 40,000 deaths were recorded.

External growth, in terms of new immigrants and returning residents, was 22,988, the Ministry of Absorption said. Some 17,484 of them will be observing Rosh Hashanah in Eretz Yisrael for the very first time this year.

Most of the new immigrants came from countries of the former Soviet Union; the majority of returning residents came from Canada and the United States.

Since last Rosh Hashanah, Israel’s population grew by about 142,000 people, a growth rate of 1.8%.