Knesset Speaker Scolds MKs for Misbehavior


Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein has chided MKs for conduct unbecoming their elective office and urged them to be on best behavior during the upcoming budget debate, an annual event notorious for its unruliness.

In a letter to all 120 legislators, Edelstein called their attention to complaints from the public about their behavior, including undignified language, eating and drinking in the plenum, taking photos with their smartphones and using props in speeches.

The Speaker warned that interest in the budget is high and the public will be watching them, not only for the way they vote, but for their comportment as well.

“We must all behave with restraint, tolerance, respect and politeness to one another and to the Knesset, “ he wrote.

“As MKs, the image of the Knesset must be on our mind at all times. The loss of the public’s faith in its leaders and in politics endangers our existence.”

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