Overdue Thanks

I have been reading Hamodia digitally for about six years now. I am not Orthodox and not part of a frum community. About eight years ago, I had some very challenging experiences that left me super sensitive to a whole host of things. As a result, I could no longer watch most movies, read certain books, be in certain environments, look at what many would consider “normal” pictures or even have conversations about certain topics. I also could not watch news or read newspapers without getting sick.

Beginning in 2012, I had the good fortune to spend Shabbatot and chagim with a kollel family for a little over two years, where I was exposed to many wonderful things, including Hamodia. I was awestruck. Here was a newspaper that in addition to meaningful content, also reported about what was happening in the world without the negative sensation, the gory pictures, the horrors and hype that appear in the regular press. I felt tremendous gratitude for the sensitivity of the news presentation and mostly for what was not present in the newspaper. I also felt and still feel so appreciative that there are people who are taking the time, making the effort and “she’lo mevatrim” on keeping a standard, without compromising quality content, when presenting what I call clean and safe news. Hamodia has become a trusted source of clean and reliable information for me about what is happening in the world and today is my default news source. I frequently get surprised looks when people see me reading it, that seem to be saying, “Why would she be reading Hamodia?” but I wouldn’t give it up for the world. It’s a pleasure to read and I think you have so much to be proud of in maintaining the standard that you do, so thank you very much.

Name Withheld, israel