The Odd Side – August 8, 2017

Horses Snack on Watermelons After Spill on Philly Street

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Some lucky carriage horses in Philadelphia got a summertime treat after a truck spilled a load of watermelons on the street near Independence Hall.

The driver of the truck, Elwood Hutt, Jr., of Salisbury, Maryland, tells WPVI he had planned to sell the melons to vendors on Sunday when he said he took a corner too fast and the load fell onto 6th Street.

Some people bought the surviving melons for their kids, while horses that pull carriages for tours helped with the cleanup by eating the smashed fruit.

Police issued Hutt a citation. He says the mishap also cost him about $250 in melons.

Lost High School Ring ‘Keeps Coming Back’ to Florida Woman

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) – A Florida woman says her high school ring “keeps coming back to me.”

First, Shannon Rose Forester, who lives near Pensacola, lost her class ring when she had a car wreck shortly after graduating from Pace High school in 1979. Her father, who was a sheriff’s deputy, eventually found the ring that is inscribed with her initials at a pawn shop.

The second time, she lost it while stationed at the Navy Reserve Center in Hancock, Wisconsin.

Somehow, the ring made its way to a kitchen drawer in a house some 30 miles away in Custer. That’s where Nicki Hintz found the sapphire and gold ring with a safety pin attached while cleaning her father’s home after his death last month.

Her aunts told her they thought her father found the ring after moving into the house several years ago.

“I think he just put it in a drawer and kept it because he didn’t know whose it was,” Hintz told the Pensacola New Journal .

Her request had made it to the Pace High School alumnae site, where it caught the attention of Forester’s sister.

For Hintz, finding the ring’s owner has brought some happiness in a time of sorrow while cleaning out her dad’s belongings.

“I think he would be happy that I found the owner,” she said.

Hintz put the ring in the mail last week.

“I thought it was lost for good,” Forrester said.

“Somehow in a very circuitous route the ring has made its way back to me,” Forester said.

No One Turns Out for Not-So-Special Election in Iowa Town

MCINTIRE, Iowa (AP) – Apparently it was a not-so-special election in the tiny town of McIntire, Iowa, where none of its 70 registered voters showed up to cast ballots.

Tuesday’s ballot asked two questions: Should the term of the mayor be raised to four years from two, and should the terms of council members be raised to four years, staggered, from two years.

A Mitchell County deputy auditor, Barbara Baldwin, told the Mason City Globe Gazette that the poll workers didn’t even vote. None of them live in McIntire.

McIntire, population 110, sits near the state line with Minnesota, 137 miles (221 kilometers) north-northeast of Des Moines.

Baldwin says she’s seen low turnouts over her 28 years with the county auditor, but “This is definitely a first.”

Arizona Police Chief Sending Officers Back to Driving School

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. (AP) – An Arizona police chief is sending his patrol officers back to driving school after a slew of minor accidents involving the department’s vehicles.

The Casa Grande Dispatch reported that Casa Grande Police Chief Mark McCrory says nine of his department’s police vehicles have been involved in accidents since April 5.

There were only five such accidents in all of 2016.

Each collision will cost the taxpayers a $1,000 deductible to the insurance company.

McCrory says four units were damaged in two separate incidents where officers driving vehicles bumped into parked police vehicles. Two were damaged in separate incidents where officers struck poles.

With the exception of a water-damaged vehicle and one of the vehicles that hit a pole, all of the cars are already back in service.