Securing the Safety of Our Children

A “Very Concerned Monsey Mother” wrote a letter printed in the Jan. 1 Hamodia Prime, suggesting that schools have fences, a $100 yearly fee for security, locked doors, gunman drills and guards.

I was astounded, because it sounds almost to the last detail as if she’s describing my kids’ school. Every family pays $100 annual security fee (we don’t have a $100 Rosh Chodesh party fee, though), the doors are locked, a security guard is always on premises even during after-hours events, and there are lockdown drills. (“Lockdown drill” is a lot more palatable to young children than “gunman drill.”)

In the interest of safety, I do not wish to publicize the school’s name, but “A Very Concerned Monsey Mother” is welcome to reach out to me directly and I can tell her what school it is. She can then have her children’s school reach out to my children’s school to find out how to implement similar safety measures.

Alternatively, her child’s school can reach out to Agudath Israel. They have a trove of information available, including information about possible access to security grants. Recently, a new bill was passed in New York, affording more money for school security.

Vichna Belsky, Another Monsey Mother