Response to the Riots

Thank you for the incisive interviews by Reuvain Borchardt about the riots taking place now (Hamodia Prime, June 3, 2020/11 Sivan 5780).

We Jews wanted all people to protest when we were being put into gas chambers. So then we have to speak out now and protest when a non-Jew is murdered, as George Floyd was.

I watched the video of his murder. I was horrified, then nauseated. Four men, men whom we pay with our tax dollars, were able to ignore a man lying on the ground for many minutes saying “I can’t breathe” and calling for his mother, knowing he is dying? Four men?

We Jews, who know what it is like to be mistreated, attacked and murdered, must speak out now in protest. The fact that Floyd refused at first to get into the police car does not justify what happened. The fact that he was suspected of trying to use a counterfeit bill in a store does not justify what happened. The fact that sometimes people, trying to avoid arrest, say “I can’t breathe” does not justify what happened.

All four policemen should have been arrested and imprisoned and charged with murder or as accomplices to murder.

But the rioting, looting, stealing, and violence being done “for George Floyd” — this is not for him.

It is simply compounding the crime and violence that already took place. If you really believe in treating people with respect, if that is truly your cause, then treat storeowners and pedestrians and police officers with respect as well.

Rishe Deitsch, Crown Heights