Raising the Barr

In an atmosphere characterized by divisiveness, incitement and violence, I sometimes think the coronavirus is really a manifestation of a political pandemic.

Hashem yerachem.

How encouraging it was, then, to read a Hamodia editorial (“A Travesty of Justice,” September 2) that was a ray of light.

The subject of the editorial, the investigation into the misconduct of the FBI, is saddening, almost enough to make one give up on the justice system.

But I was astounded by Attorney General William Barr’s taking the high road and refusing to use the opportunity to launch an attack on political opponents: “The Barr-Wray statement does not go so far as to allege criminal [behavior] or even malign political intent. It merely outlines, in restrained fashion, certain inexcusable abuses and the measures necessary to correct them.”

Perhaps there is yet hope for the Republic … one nation under G-d, with liberty and justice for all.

Fred Schreiber, Brooklyn, N.Y.