Rabbi Yitzchok Katzenstein, Z”l

Thank you for the beautiful tribute for Rabbi Katzenstein, z”l, by Rafael Hoffman (Community, February 13, 2019). It is a wonderful description of a life lived with dedication to the Klal.

I will point out one historical inaccuracy. In 1936, when Rabbi Katzenstein was born, Frankfurt was not under the leadership of Harav Yosef Breuer, zt”l. In 1929, Harav Yosef Yona Zvi Horowitz, zt”l, formerly Rav of Unsdorf, was chosen and elected by the Frankfurter kehillah to be their Rav. He led them through the difficult Hitler years with much mesirus nefesh and wisdom until after Kristallnacht, after which he was imprisoned and terrorized until the Nazis threw him out of the country, b’chasdei Hashem.

Yitzchok Horovitz