Possible Error in Prime Magazine?

On page 31, second paragraph, we read, “So he was able to push passed them and he ran for his life.” (Hamodia Prime, Dec. 18.) Wondering if my favorite wordsmith columnist, Mordechai Schiller, would agree with me that it should be past, not passed. But I’m no grammarian so I’m curious about his opinion. Thank you for a great column!

Leah Katz

Mordechai Schiller replies:

I’m also not a grammarian. I’m a grandpa. But I am opinionated. And my opinion is that it’s an honor to be your favorite wordsmith columnist. Thank you for your kind words. Your words of praise, that is. Not the words you cited, “passed” and “past.” Those were the unkindest cut of all. You’re right. “Passed” should never have gotten past the gatekeepers onto the page. Hopefully, that’s all in the past.