Noise Reduction

The recent article about the prevalence of intolerable loudness of music at many weddings is indeed a significant issue. It isn’t only our ear drums that are at risk, it is also our value system that is being assaulted. Most of the people attending weddings do not want such music and especially the older guests don’t want it. Yet, it is being painfully endured for the sake of a minority of younger people. We value honoring elders and not inconveniencing others but by providing such music at a simchah we trample on those values.
Perhaps a compromise may be available that would alleviate the situation. The first dance should be as it was for so many years, with heartfelt music played at a normal decibel level. The “rocket music” (high-decibel level) could be reserved for the second dance when many guests usually depart anyway. The younger set could then dance away to their music with or without the colorful earplugs. If this were adopted it would result in a win-win situation for all involved.

Yitzchok Lax
Lakewood, N.J.