More About the Simchah

It was interesting to read your interviews in “It’s All About the Simchah — Not Us,” (Hamodia Prime, Oct. 10, 2019). One singer commented, “When people see us performing at a wedding, some don’t like a particular song or style. We’re not davka’niks, we’re trying to please. Everyone has a style that they like. It’s not about what I like. This is my parnassah.”

I would like to comment on this. In my humble opinion, this is not the right hashkafah. We are not supposed to cater to other people’s whims whether for song or style, nor should we try to please them. We are supposed to cater to what Hashem wants Yiddishe kinder to hear — even if this is your parnassah. This means ehrliche Yiddishe niggunim with a Yiddishe geshmak and taam and reich. Niggunim of hisorerus, not rock, hip-hop, jazz, blues or rap.

Unfortunately, everything is permitted today. We have fallen to the lowest depths of depravity. Perhaps this is the message that Hashem is sending us with the rise in anti-Semitism in New York and around the world.

Hashem is telling us to wake up spiritually and come out of our slumber, and to separate ourselves from the non-Jews, to stay further from them. Not to speak like them, not to dress like them and not to sing like them. The rap songs which emanate from very low people have unfortunately infiltrated our community.

We should stop copying the non-Jews by producing, playing and singing like them. We should start singing ehrliche Yiddishe niggunim that inspire one to avodas Hashem and teshuvah. In this zechus, may we merit the Geulah Sheleimah, bimheirah b’yameinu, amen.