Leave the Smartphones Behind

I am writing in regard to all the articles about yeshivah and who should get in. While there is no doubt that many of those left without schools are ehrliche boys and girls and every effort must be made to get them into schools and yeshivos, in some cases, the matter is far from simple.

We often hear that “All these girls are part of Klal Yisrael and we need to stop being elitist, and accept them into the good schools.” After pressure from well-intentioned but misguided askanim, in my daughter’s previously internet-free class there are now several girls with smart phones with unfiltered internet.

Those girls whose lives the askanim thought they are saving are now ruining the rest of the girls with their poison.

By all means, let’s get all girls who seek to live Torah lives into schools. No child or teenager should be left without a school because they don’t have the right connections or can’t pay tuition. But those who tragically have taken a different path and pose a clear hashkafic risk to others should not be allowed into regular schools but, instead, be sent to the mosdos that cater to this clientele.

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