Kosher Real News

After 14 years of the daily Hamodia, it is important to remind ourselves of the tremendous chessed to Klal Yisrael that the Hamodia daily is all about.

We now, b”H, have a generation of children growing up who take for granted that a high-quality kosher Jewish printed daily is something natural and to be expected.

It is actually just a short while back that the only place a person could turn for relevant news was the liberal, left-wing, anti-Israel, anti-religion New York Times — because that was relatively the best of what was out there.

Today, b”H, we have the daily English Hamodia, which gives us the news on local, city, national and international levels in a kosher way. These are relevant issues that affect us almost immediately and affect the daily and long-term decisions we make.

Additionally, Hamodia educates us with sharp analysis as well as supports robust discussion of varied and opposing views on the issues.

We are constantly being informed of current economic and financial issues as well as how they relate to our future.

Information regarding technological advances and what lies ahead, as well as a spectrum of knowledge regarding health and well-being, are served in an entertaining and useful manner.

At a time when alternative venues and channels of receiving information are littered with minefields and worse, it behooves Klal Yisrael to increase daily Hamodia subscriptions tenfold and more.

Coast to coast.

In every shomer Shabbos home.

Thank you, Mrs. Lichtenstein and the wonderful staff at Hamodia!

Chefetz Hashem b’yedeichem tatzliach.

Noach Raindel